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I signed up for Colleen’s track and that proved to be the perfect choice for me. Her clear guidelines, safe space management and varied prompts combined to spur writing from a deep place. I came away with eleven pieces toward my writing goal of a memoir. It far exceeded my expectations and gave me confidence that there’s a story to be told.

It seemed like some kind of magic and I found it amazing.

—Mary Warren

What a gift it has been to spend a few days with Colleen Geraghty and my fellow writers in the story cottage! As a writer, Colleen is wizard of words who shares her craft and her wisdom freely and generously. As a teacher, she is equally gifted, providing an array of provocative writing prompts, followed by opportunities to reflect and respond in a safe and supportive space. A visit to the story cottage is guaranteed to be inspiring and transformative for novice and seasoned writers alike!

— Susan Hynds, Professor Emerita of English education, Syracuse University

I arrived to the Story Cottage eager to serve my own intentions. It took one short inhale to realize I was in the presence of a powerful muse who would safely guide me to explore a level of creativity I didn’t even know I had. Colleen cultivated a container of inspiration, expertise, soulful support and solid method. We became a fellowship under her professional and warm hearted guidance. I am filled with gratitude for the skills, humor, humility and connection she fostered as a master teacher of her craft.

Best experience a writer could ask for…

—Veronica L Schauder, LCSW

An Apple in her Hand

If you think you might enjoy reading a collection of stories and poems that could reinvigorate your sense of literary adventure, you will not be disappointed in An Apple In Her Hand. There is a range of creativity and ingenuity successfully exhibited here. Like a table set for a smorgasbord, you may want to sample several stories or poems and then search out more examples from one author or another. There is plenty to choose from: seven authors and 77 selections. A feast.


For example, Colleen Geraghty takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as she recounts “Becoming a Ghost, a breathtaking mesmerizing one-page, one long sentence story that perfectly frames the inner thoughts of a child trying to understand which of a number of violent events might have caused her to choose to become a ghost at summer’s end.

— Sydna Altschuler Byrne, author of Haiku: Two Butterflies Dance

The first of the collection’s nine chapters, An Apple in Her Hand, opens with Ciotog, a poem by Colleen Geraghty. The note explains that ciotog is the Irish word for left-handed; one who does not sit at the right hand of God. In seventy-three short lines, the word girl echoes thirty-seven times, often as a line unto itself, giving the poem the rhythm of a rap lyric or an incantation. The lines cycle through birth, rejection, degradation, and finally re-emergence and rebirth: “Born again in light/ girl/ Born again in night/ girl.”

—Sarah Gardner

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