Colleen Geraghty, is a published author and writing coach, certified in the Amherst Writer’s and Artist’s method (AWA). She has facilitated workshops for women writers in the Hudson Valley for many years. Colleen employs the AWA method of writing that supports all genres and skill levels of writers, by using a non-hierarchical approach, a diverse array of writing prompts, and constructive feedback based on the AWA method.

Facilitators of the AWA method comprise an international community of writing workshop leaders committed to the belief that a writer is someone who writes and every writer has a unique voice. All are encouraged to leave any assumptions about writing and writers aside and to write freely. As a certified AWA workshop leader, Colleen Geraghty works with both novice writers who may believe they have no voice and with experienced writers who want to hone their craft. Both beginning writers and more experienced writers work together in the same workshop to generate new material and/or explore stories, poems, or other reflections that they wish to deepen. Colleen will focus on voice, power, confidence, and craft.

Colleen is also a Certified Journal to the Self Instructor by the Center for Journal Therapy. She facilitates journal writing workshops for personal growth and creativity.

A member of Wallkill Valley Writers, her stories have appeared in Wallkill Valley Writers Anthology 2012 and 2013 and in Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley. Slant of Light won 1st Prize in the 2014 USA Book awards for Anthology and was a finalist in the 2014 International Book Awards in the category of Women’s Literature/Chick Lit. Her story, “The Beer House,” highlights issues related to child abuse and neglect, and received first prize in the Hudson Valley Writer’s Guild 2013 Short Story Contest.

Two of Colleen’s original songs from her Deep Ravines CD, “Hymn for Matthew” and “Nikolay,” have been used by community groups and educators to raise awareness about hate crimes and PTSD. Colleen has also designed the curriculum and taught songwriting for musicians at Dutchess County Community College Continuing Education Program.


She was the coordinator of the very successful 2013 Women Writer Conference and the 2014 Celebration of Women’s Voices: Women Writers Past and Present Conference held in New Paltz, New York to commemorate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. She is also the recipient of Ulster County New York’s 2014 Raising Hope Award for Mentors.

Colleen’s stories and poems are also featured in the Codhill Press 2019 publication of An Apple In Her Hand: An Anthology from The Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group.  The title of the book as well as the first chapter of poems were inspired by Ms. Geraghty’s award-winning sculpture entitled, Ciotóg. Colleen has had poems published in Chronogram Magazine, Voice of Eve Journal, Psyches Journal, Wellspring Anthology, and her poem Fisher Queen, written as a tribute to Amanda Gorman was published by Lightwood Press in July, 2021. Published in 2022, Rethinking The Ground Rules: Works by the Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group, features some of Colleen’s most recent writing.